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Reisende pre-order kupong bdo

reisende pre-order kupong bdo

pre-order for an item with.3M maximum price. I set my pre-order at 3M hoping to beat anyone with a lower pre-order. I got an order. How does pre-order work? Discussion in General Gameplay started by Mistery, Dec 16, 2017. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.

How to Pre -Order Items From the Marketplace - Black Desert Online (BDO)Saarith Gaming Guides.
Black Desert Online Marketplace How To Have some questions about how the marketplace in black desert online works?
Pre ordering is useless.

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If I walk into a store and take money out of my bank to order an item that's not in stock and some dude walks in a few days later and pays for it up front and gets what I placed an order for then. Pearl Abyss Official Russian Website, click here, black Desert Online Russia Official VK page. If I pre order something on the 2nd and then another pre orders for the same price on the 3rd I get the item when it's available and then the next in line gets. That's how everything else works in this world when it comes to pre orders, why is it any different here? Then when there's no pre orders left to fill only then should it go to bid phase. There's no point in placing a pre order when it goes to bid and someone gets the item. Never was a territory based marketplace and i doubt anybody offered more money for item of this kind so what is actually going. I dont want to be salty or anything kinda dissapointed with this system now that i was hoping it is going to be good I just want some insight on this so I know if its either bugged or working as intended (stupid cheers). I would really love for someone to give me official statement on how this whole system works.

Pearl Abyss also plans to answer Adventurers questions and provide customer support through the official website. You don't have to worry about the price inflating make it to where you can't place a bid higher than the max price and then just have pepole wait in line for what they ordered. As of now, the companies are working to make sure there are no disturbances to the game during the transfer of account and character information from GameNet to Pearl Abyss. What does territory have anything to do with it now?