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Vanval dampkupong

vanval dampkupong

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vanval dampkupong

The price of premium e-liquid is borderline immoral, and once regulation hits, the barrier to entry of the e-cigarette industry will soar and the unethical pricing of premium e-liquid will become set in stone. This review does not reflect the juices! Were not going to make you pay for fancy glass bottles, elegant packaging, or vapor that changes colors, because if youre like us (broke as shit) you don't want to pay extra for that, you just want some goddamn enticing flavors to put into your. Weve set out to change one of them. Why in Gods name does it cost us 500 a month to saturate our nicotine receptors with the healthier alternative of premium e-liquid? Why is that? Atleast have the common courtesy to ship out the package for free and even supply a faster shipping option. Cigarettes are no longer the enemy, friends. Thats when it dawned upon us - we could indulge in the pungent, poison filled cancer sticks for less money than it cost us to delight our senses with the luscious, sweet nectar of clean delectable vapor. Stay sexy you dirty bitches, VanVal.